2020 SEO Trends You Need to Know to get your website on top of Google Search

In this internet-driven world, only having a dynamic website is not enough. To survive on internet, marketing is also necessary. When it comes to internet marketing, several things came into our minds like web analytics, content writing, research, indexing, tracking, HTML, local search etc. All are the important components of search engine optimization. 

These days, SEO plays very important role in websites’ growth. Without implementing effective SEO tactics on website, driving organic traffic on website is next to impossible. 

If you run a business website or personal blog page then you must know the following 2020 SEO trends which will definitely influence your work, if implemented properly. 

Featured Snippets

In the past few years, Google has introduced several new ways to offer better search results to the users, featured snippets is one of them. They appear above the number one organic result (also known as ‘Position 0’). 

If you want to drive more clicks to your webpage then you must take advantage of ‘Featured Snippets’ option. All you need to do is to put clear answers to FAQs on your webpage. On the basis of quality, Google will determine featured snippets (FAQs) then promote them to the top. 

As per a study, featured snippets drive more than 50% of search engine clicks. This feature is a brilliant opportunity for content developers because with this feature they will be able to drive more organic traffic even if they are not among top searches. 

Website security 

These days, while browsing internet, users remain more concern about their safety. They immediately leave website if they see a ‘Website is not secure’ warning. Therefore, having secure website or blog page is a must. 

Your website must be enabled with HTTPS protocol because it provides users a secure connection. In simple word, website with HTTPS is encrypted and authentic and seems reliable, trustable and genuine to a user. 

 Google says, HTTPS “helps prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between your websites and your users’ browsers.”

Since Google is recommending HTTPS protocol therefore website with HTTPS may experience a little SEO boost. 

If your blog or website collects users’ personal information then it is your responsibility to protect users’ data and privacy. Make sure users’ data, connection and privacy will be protected throughout their visit on your website. 

Optimize website for Voice Search 

With the inception of voice search feature, traditional search ways will become obsolete very soon. Therefore, optimize your website for voice search because with the growing use of mobile devices such day is not far when it will become a hot topic among internet users. Voice search is not limited to mobile phones only, it can also be done on home assistant devices such as Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Echo, Voice Pod etc. 

It is expected that in year 2020, more than 50% traffic will be driven from voice searches. So, to generate more organic traffic to your website, you must implement conversational searches into your 2020 SEO strategies. 

Put high-quality content 

Putting online ads is still the best way to drive more traffic on website. But the thing is, it will get even more expensive in coming years. The worst part is, there’s no surety that users will respond to your ads. More than 91% ads are viewed for less than a second which is why putting high-quality content on websites is necessary. 

These days, users want high-quality content which is relevant, helpful and properly drafted. In simple words, people search questions and your website / blog needs to offer answer in an effective way. 

In year 2020, high-quality and informative articles will be the only kind of content that help in growing website’s popularity. Websites / blog pages that tend more to sales will be quickly detected and ignored by online consumers. As per a report, “71% of readers say they were turned off by content that seems like a sales pitch.”  

In the end, if you want to drive enormous traffic to your website then you can order effective SEO services from Cheap Social Marketing. 

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