Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

Don’t you want to know about your SEO competitors, how do they get ranked on Google, and how much traffic do they get? All this information can make a huge difference to your SEO success or failure.Taking a competitive analysis plays an important role in developing an effective SEO strategy. Well, the good news is that the availability of some of the best Online Competitor Analysis Tools will help you in determining the performance of your potential customer’s. This article will help you explore the in-trend, Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools that can help answer all your questions and provide accurate data about the client’s in progress competitive scene.

When you know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses i.e. the foundation or base for a good strategy, it becomes easy for a decent growth of a brand online, using the competitor analysis methods, and tools.

There is abundance of online competitor analysis tools available, and everyone of it offerings relevant help in its own specific niche, contributing to a competitive bench marking. Such tools cover a wide range of services, such as email marketing, paid adverts and more. All you need is to decide, which of your competitor’s business you would spy on.

Free Online Competitor Analysis Tools

In order to know what’s going on with Google SERPs for a particular domain you need to analyze the data set accuracy by scraping out Google search results. Mostly the analysis depends upon the number of keywords stored in the database.

The most obvious reason to why the keywords matters a lot is that the more is the number of  keywords in a software, more easy it will be to show the competitor’s ranking position and the estimated traffic.

The process of competitor’s analysis is based on keywords matching for a domain ranking: if the data set overlaps, chances are high for being potential competitors. On the other hand, a website having less than 1,000 keywords, there can be some issue with its ranking. For example, the tools used for analyzing the competitor’s domain work on different areas of a particular niche.

While most of the Competitor Analysis Tools target a certain niche, there are tools that analyze various zones of a competitor’s online marketing strategy in order to give an overview of the efforts put to spot the potential avenues of growth.

  • Cheapsocialmarketing compares traffic, visitor’s behavior, keywords, referrals, paid ads, rankings, and sites by its social metrics. It keeps you updated about the competitor’s emails. You can input the name of your competitor, and track down all its activities.
  • Talking of Spyfu, it has a great feature which shows the number of keywords overlapping with yours along with the competitors rank. It offers ample of features to analyze your competitor’s performance, completely free of cost.
  • Cheap Social Marketing  is known for providing an overview of the traffic, keywords,referrals, social media, audience, advertising analysis of similar sites and applications.
  • Ahrefs is a well-known tool for an outstanding quality of back linking data and is among the best competitor’s analysis tools available in the market. It has also implemented a set of features to analyze the competitor’s performance based on the keywords used. Talking of data accuracy, Ahrefs doesn’t detect competitor’s domain with precision as it won’t count the metrics as it specific genre of industry or the size of the domain.To organize the data, Ahrefs excludes all the big domains like, Google, Quorate Apple from its results. Doing this improves the overview of analysis report.If you ever feel any inconsistency with the keyword strategy, the best option to go for is Content Gap report, as it allows you to find out the keywords being used by your rivals, that aren’t visible on the domain.

Bright Edge, being an enterprise-level platform offers different great options to keep up and stay ahead of your competitors.For example, Fab home’s SEO technology associates varieties of keywords on the web. It explains how keywords are keeping up with your competitors– as you should be taking an advantage from the same. SEO technology follows the organic search methodology and identifies the unknown competitors from which you can stay alert. Also, you can analyze the competitors’ SEO campaign in detail, along with the backlink strategies.

  • Cheap Social Marketing  is another promising consistent tool which has been launched only few years ago. It sheds some light on intricate data which is located on your competitor’s page landing page.

Hopefully, now you can decide the online competitor’s analysis tool that will be best for you, as now you know the important points that are effective for your competitor’s analysis.  With such impressive tools available, you no longer have to worry about why your competitor’s website is getting high traffic and you are not. Though there is a wide range of tools available in the market– but it all about choosing the right one.

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