How to Get Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a great platform for a brand of any shapes or sizes to gain the exact needed exposure. However, engaging a loyal audience on this app is not an easy task. Here in this article, we will explain about how to get genuine followers on Instagram in detail.The below mentioned effective ways of gaining Instagram followers will guide you about step-by-step procedure of growing your Instagram family.If you are still reading this article, we assume that you do care about growing the number of followers on Instagram. So, the big question is ‘How to get followers on Instagram?Which is basically on everyone’s mind. Though you can find ample of articles talking about increasing Instagram followers, not everyone of it proves to be worth your time. Also, the strategies for growth of Instagram followers need to be updated from time to time as per the updates made for the application. It is for sure that the tips for increasing Instagram followers, shared last year, are outdated and not that effective– as a lot has changed since the discovery of Instagram. Talking of Instagram Marketing, there can be ridiculously amazing methods to growing your number of followers.

But before getting, let me reveal the big secret. It doesn’t happen overnight. For making your followers reach ten or twenty thousand simple from nowhere, timing is everything. Yes, there are different strategies which you can adopt to increase your Instagram fan following. But, a sudden increase isn’t going to be that effective, as seeing a remarkable growth after a certain milestone is going to be remarkable.

Okay, so if you just created your account, you first need to get that initial momentum by getting the first few followers on your Instagram account. Or if you are a brand or own a business, then getting the initial number of following wouldn’t be that difficult as you have an established community to some extent. You can simply send a newsletter to the existing customers, inviting them to be a part of your Instagram.

After completing the initial step, it’s time to opt for a strategy that can get you a large fan following on Instagram. Create an eye-catching profile picture, an appealing cum witty bio – use some emoji with it, if it’s apt for the audience you are planning to target. Attach the link to your website or another brand link you are planning or see the potential to expand your business with.

Even if you have just started, it complements the credibility towards the– as it shows how serious you are for your brand. You should add the “coming soon” post to capture the attention of the prime leads.

The personal approach through direct message along with regular engagement is a great method to gain followers on Instagram – especially if the account is not that big as people may actually your DM. You should do all this in the later stages as well, but the crucial step is to reach out to people, when you have just started.

But the big question is, “How many posts should you be uploading in order to get a serious outreach?” well, In my opinion, at minimum of 9 to 12 posts sounds good initially. Also, having a pleasant layout for the images play an important role. However, an overall look of the grid is another important thing as it shows, that you take your brand seriously, and let people know that they can expect the similar consistency. Hope, all this does the magic, and lets your followers increase. But if you are still stuck with the problem of increasing your Instagram followers, you can take assistance from platforms like and let them do all the hard work.

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