How to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram owns more than 800 million users having a sky-high user engagement. Out of this, 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram, making it seem like marketers could never be more interested to get acquainted with business on Instagram. Along with reposting, liking, the posts, trying some of the new ways to grow Instagram account is always fun. Instagram is a platform we should be keen to focus on, as its growing popularity and enhanced marketing features can really help a brand to grow or maintain its stardom. Whether you are building a personal account or working for a company, here you will get to read about the best tactics that could help you make your brand grow bigger, while reaching out to the relevant audience.

Connect the Instagram account to other social media accounts, such as Facebook that helps in gaining more Instagram followers. Around 20 percent of Facebook friends are on Instagram, making it really easy to increase the number of followers on Instagram. This practice helps the connected friends to discover you on Instagram so that they can follow you instantly. Clearly, the first thing you should do is to connect your Instagram with other social media accounts, but it can also be done afterward. If any of your new friend on Facebook decides to join Instagram, you can easily find them in Instagram suggestions.

Once you’ve connected both the accounts and need more followers, you can simply get their attention by sharing your Instagram posts on Facebook, or any other social media account. By promoting the Instagram profile with awesome sneak peeks, pictures, discounts on different social media accounts, you are signaling users about where to find you, along with what to expect from the posts.

Keeping an eye out for things that work is extremely important to gain more followers on Instagram. When searching for things that get user’s attention, try the popular tab.finding something insanely popular try and find out the reason behind people liking the post, as there is always some pattern you can notice. Just like the popular tag has abundant of bright and beautiful photos, Try and include similar genre of posts to your account.

Use of popular hashtags and keywords give higher visibility to the posts, as it categorizes the content to a specific theme. It increases the chances a getting a follow back or alike to the posts. Following people or liking their photos is the most obvious way to get the user’s attention. Using only relatable, relevant, and attractive photos maintain the follower’s interest in the Instagram account.  The hack is to gain the user’s attention initially and then making efforts to maintain it.

A good practice is to engage Instagram followers by replying or liking their comments on the posts. Reciprocating the efforts made the follower is a great way to continue the conversation, along with assuring a definitely follow and like the Instagram posts. Here at, we provide organic Instagram followers easily and quickly, while promising great popularity for a brand.

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