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Postcards for business marketing

Do postcards work for marketing?

Postcards are one of the most effective marketing tools you can use to generate website traffic or sales leads. Postcards are not new – and they may not be very exciting. But they really work, especially if you follow these 6 proven postcard marketing tactics.31 мая 2012 г.

What should be on a business postcard?

8 Top Postcard Ideas For Marketing Your Business

  1. #1 Get Better Postcard Marketing Response With Personalization.
  2. Postcard Idea #2 — Vertical Or Portrait Orientation.
  3. Idea #3 — Use A Coupon Or Discount Code.
  4. #4 Use Contrasting Colors to Make Calls To Action Pop.
  5. #5 — Add Social Proof to Your Postcard.
  6. #6 Show Faces to Create a Personal Connection.

What is a business postcard?

They’re a diverse marketing tool. They can be used as flyers, newsletters or product brochures. A discount offer can be printed on them, allowing the postcard to be used as a coupon. They are sometimes described as an oversized business card and are another way to help brand a business.

How do you make a marketing postcard?

Postcard design: How to do it well

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Craft a great headline.
  3. Use high-quality imagery.
  4. Personalize with data.
  5. Promote a compelling offer.
  6. Have a single, clear call to action.
  7. Track and attribute the results.

How do I print my own postcards?

Create homemade postcards with a word processor

  1. Create a document that is 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. This is the size of an average postcard. …
  2. Add clip art, photos and text. Use your word processing software’s Insert option. …
  3. Print the postcard onto your card stock. …
  4. Cut the printed card stock. …
  5. Use your postcard.
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Is direct mail marketing still effective?

In 2016, The Data & Marketing Association reported that the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43%. Even better, the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to 2015. Many marketers are in shock. … Direct mail is still effective and using it is a game changer for any serious marketer.

What can you do with postcards?


It makes a wonderful decoration and people (including you) can shuffle through them. Be a little creative and make a paper bouquet or unique display. You can easily put them in an album or scrapbook, or create a travel ring binder or book.

What size is a postcard?

But to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be: Rectangular. At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick. No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long x 0.016 inches thick.

How do I protect my postcards in the mail?

Use album pages or plastic sleeves

In case you need to store your postcards after receiving them from print, make sure to store them in album pages or plastic sleeves to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. This will extend the life of the mail piece and help you keep them undamaged.

How do you send a business postcard?

The main steps for mailing postcards for business are postcard creation, addressing the postcards and affixing the postage.

  1. Determine the message you want to convey through your mailing. …
  2. Create your postcard. …
  3. Create your mailing list. …
  4. Address your postcards. …
  5. Affix your postage.
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Does a postcard need a stamp?

Buy a stamp.

A stamp is a proof of payment for your postcard: without a stamp, no letter or postcard will be handled by the post office. … Always check with the post office or the postal service website. Depending on where you are sending the postcard, you may need two, three, or even more stamps.

Do postcards need a return address?

Answer: A return address is not required on your postcard but if the post office cannot deliver your postcard, they won’t be able to return it to you without a return address. … If you want to make your postcard even more unique, especially during the holiday season, use custom postage stamps to make your mail standout.

What stores sell postcards?

Where can I buy postcards?

  • Post offices.
  • Tourist information offices (or simply around tourist attractions)
  • Museum and gift shops.
  • Stationery stores.
  • Book stores.
  • Newspaper or magazine kiosks.
  • Convenience stores (drug stores, supermarkets, department stores, truck stops)
  • Airports.

Does Walgreen make postcards?

Walgreens makes custom postcards.

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