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How To Change Message Color On Instagram? (Question)

How can I change the color of my chat on Instagram?

  • Under Chat Settings, you’ll see Theme. Tap this and scroll through a selection of colors and combinations to immediately change the way your messages look. The default theme that you’ve already been using is a mix of purples and blues that you can always return to. But the basic blue bubble is so yesterday.

How do you make your Instagram DMS purple?

To change the DM color on Thread app from Instagram:

  1. Open the thread app.
  2. from the camera, tap the home icon at the top.
  3. tap on the three-lined icon in the top left.
  4. tap on theme.
  5. select a theme you like and tap the closing icon.

How do you change your Instagram theme on iPhone?

Instagram’s dark mode for iPhone

  1. Open your phone’s settings.
  2. Select ‘Display and brightness’
  3. Tap ‘Dark’ to change the theme.
  4. Launch Instagram.

Why are my DMs purple on Instagram?

Instagram users aren’t happy about the new display. Sadly, there’s no way to change the display back to the way it was, so unless it’s a temporary trial run, it’s going to be this way for the long haul.

Why is my text purple on Instagram?

The new purple messages appear to be a trial feature that some users are experiencing while others are being left with the traditional grey message colours.

How do I change my message settings on Instagram?

You can enable this feature from “Settings.” To do this, go to your “Profile” tab.

  1. Then, select the hamburger menu button from the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Here, choose the “Settings” option.
  3. Now, select the “Update Messaging” option.
  4. Here, choose the “Update” button.
  5. The messaging feature has been updated.
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How do I change the light mode on Instagram?

Head to your profile page, tap the icon with three lines in the top right corner, and then tap Settings from the menu. Then tap on the option that says “Theme” and switch your setting to “Light.”

How do I make my Instagram darker on my iPhone?

How to get Instagram dark mode on iPhone or iPad

  1. In Settings, select “Display & Brightness.” Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider.
  2. Choose the “Dark” option. Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider.
  3. When in dark mode, the Instagram background is black and the text is white.
  4. Go to “Display.”
  5. Flip the switch next to “Dark theme.”

Why is my message blue on Instagram?

When you receive new disappearing messages, they ‘ll be highlighted blue in your inbox. Tap to view them and you can replay them once. The sender will be notified if you replay or screenshot the message. Texts, uploads and reshares still work the same way.

Why are my Instagram messages rainbow?

Basically when you initiate a direct thread with someone through the messaging feature, the messages will be displayed in color gradient.

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