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How To Memorialize An Instagram Account? (Correct answer)

To report an account to be memorialized, please contact us. We require proof of death, such as a link to an obituary or news article, to memorialize an account. Please keep in mind that we can’t provide login information for a memorialized account.

  • To submit a request to memorialize an account, go to the Request to Memorialize and fill it out. The second option is to remove/delete the account. To entirely remove an account from Instagram, the requester must provide evidence that they are an immediate family member of the deceased.

How do you put an Instagram account on remembering?

Instagram will add a ‘Remembering’ banner on top of the user’s profile name. When someone opens that profile, there will be a pop-up below with the text – “This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember and celebrate someone’s life after they’ve passed away”.

What happens when you memorialize an Instagram account?

Keep in mind that once you memorialize an Instagram account, no one will be able to make any of the following types of changes: Changes to any photos or videos the account holder added to their profile. Changes to comments on posts your loved one shared through their profile. Privacy setting adjustments.

What do you do with an Instagram account when someone dies?

Similar to Facebook, an Instagram account can either be memorialized or removed. An immediate family member or authorized estate rep can opt to have the profile deleted. To do this you will need to show a birth or death certificate of the deceased and proof that you are a lawful representative of the person.

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Can I memorialize my own account?

In order to set your account so that it can be memorialized after you pass, you need to appoint a legacy contact. This would be any friend or family member who you trust to tend to your wishes. Now, you simply need to appoint a friend to serve as your legacy contact.

What is a dead Instagram account?

A dead account is basically an account that you were once active on and at some point you just stopped posting which caused the following things: Instagram flags you as an being an inactive account.

How do you post on social media about death?

How to Announce a Death on Social Media

  1. Notify close loved ones in person.
  2. Timing matters.
  3. Soften the blow.
  4. Consider the deceased person’s online presence.
  5. Posting on Facebook or Twitter.
  6. Announcing a death with a digital obituary.
  7. A modern tradition.
  8. Treat each situation individually.

How do you know if someone has died on Instagram?

Instagram users can now memorialize their deceased family member’s account. The word ‘Remembering’ will appear in front of memorial accounts. Back in 2020 Instagram added a new feature to the app. The word ‘Remembering’ was added in front of a person’s name, if they were deceased.

How does Instagram know when someone dies?

Instagram will memorialize accounts upon receiving a valid request along with proof of death, “such as a link to an obituary or a news article”. Posts of the deceased user on will remain visible to everyone they were shared with. Memorialized accounts are hidden from public spaces like searches or the Explore page.

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What is an obituary?

The obituary, like the funeral service, notifies the public of your loved one’s passing. The purpose of an obituary is to notify the public of an individual’s passing and relay the details of the services. It can also detail the life of the deceased.

How do I memorialize my social media?

To memorialize an account, you’ll need to provide proof of death, such as a URL to an obituary or an uploaded photo of a newspaper obituary. Learn more about memorializing an account on Instagram here.

What is inactive account on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram tends to delete accounts that have been inactive for a prolonged period of time. I found this on their website: “We encourage people to actively log in and use Instagram once they create an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in and share photos, as well as like and comment on photos.

Does Instagram delete dead accounts?

Instagram is an incredibly popular social media platform, and one of the ways it remains so is by keeping users active and engages. In order maintain an active user base, Instagram utilizes a policy of deleting all inactive accounts that fit certain criteria.

What does a memorialized account look like?

A Memorialized Account looks a lot like a regular Facebook profile, with the deceased’s photo, cover photo, friends list, posts, and About info displaying as it did during the person’s life. The cover image will also say “Remembering” and the name of the deceased person.

How do I get my memorialized account back?

What if I no longer want my account to be memorialized?

  1. Open up settings.
  2. Click “Memorialization Settings.”
  3. Click “Request that your account be deleted.”
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How do you write an obituary?


  1. The full name of the deceased, including nicknames.
  2. The age of the deceased at the time of death.
  3. The city or town of residence at the time of death.
  4. A list of immediate surviving family members.
  5. A brief summary of the deceased’s life.
  6. Memorial or funeral details with the address and date.

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