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How To Post Youtube Link On Instagram Story? (Question)

Post the thumbnail with the YouTube link to Stories All you have to do is follow these steps: Open Instagram and click + Story. Tap the chain icon at the top. Click URL, paste the link, and tap Done.

When to link YouTube video to Instagram story?

  • YouTube videos are permanent, but stories are usually used for promo deals, flash sales, etc. You should add links to your stories as soon as you upload a YouTube video. That would be ideal because you’d drive your Instagram traffic to YouTube immediately, and quickly boost the view and like counts.

How do I put a YouTube link on my Instagram story?

How to Add Swipe Up to Instagram Stories

  1. Check that you have 10,000 followers or a verified account.
  2. When uploading to your Instagram Story, click the icon at the top right that looks like a chain.
  3. Click “+ URL” to add a link to a web page.
  4. Type the URL into the text box.
  5. Click “Done” in the top right.

How do you put a link in your Instagram story?

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Swipe left to start a story.
  3. At the top, tap the ‘Insert Link’ option (the chain icon).
  4. Click ‘URL,’ insert the link, and hit ‘Done. ‘
  5. Share your story as you normally would.
  6. There will now be a ‘See More’ option at the bottom of your story.

How do I add a clickable link to Instagram?

You can add a link to an Instagram post in the post’s caption. Simply copy and paste or type out a link in the “write a caption” box. However, Instagram will not turn this URL into a clickable link, so followers will have to copy and paste it into their browser to access it.

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Can you post YouTube videos on Instagram?

The short answer is — yes, you can share a YouTube video on Instagram. That said, there is currently no native way to do it, which means you’ll have to download the video to your phone and then upload it to Instagram.

Why don’t I have the link button on my Instagram story?

There are currently only two ways to “earn” the option to add links into Instagram stories: Either have 10,000+ followers or have a verified account. Links in Instagram stories were originally only available to users with a huge number of followers.

How do I share a video on my Instagram story?

How do I share someone’s post from feed to my Instagram story?

  1. Tap below the photo or video in Feed.
  2. Tap Add post/video to your story.
  3. Tap Send To.
  4. Tap Share next to Your Story, then tap Done.

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