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How To Reply To Instagram Comments? (Perfect answer)

How do I reply to someone in a comment thread on Instagram?

  1. Go to the photo or post.
  2. Tap Reply below any comment and add your comment.
  3. Tap Post.

How to respond to a comment on Instagram?

  • If the question requires a lengthy answer, you may reply to their comment with a short thank you for sending their question and that you will send them your reply via direct message. If this is not enough, you may ask them to call you, so you may discuss the matter further in detail.

What should I reply to comments?

Thanks for the Compliment Reply

  • “Thanks so much – I really appreciate you saying that.”
  • “Thank you – that was really sweet to say.”
  • “Wow, thanks so much.”
  • “Thanks – that means a lot.”

Should you reply to comments right away on Instagram?

Responding to all comments as quickly as possible help to: improve your chances of ranking as a Top Post, which helps to drive more people to your Instagram page. build social proof to attract new followers and advertisers to your page.

How do you reply to cute comments?

Here are a few ways to respond to a compliment:

  1. “Thank you, it makes my day to hear that.”
  2. “I really put a lot of thought into this, thank you for noticing.”
  3. “Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to express that.”
  4. “Thank you, I am happy to hear you feel that way!”

How do you post a comment in Instagram?

You can comment on your own photos or any photos from users that you are following. Tap on the photo to open it. Click the “Comment” button. The Comment button is located below the photo, next to the “Like” button.

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How do you respond to social media comments?

Steps for Responding to POSITIVE Comments

  1. Thank the consumer for a positive review. Be specific and genuine.
  2. Use the business name and keywords in the response.
  3. Add a little marketing to the review response.
  4. Invite the consumer to do something with your response.

When should you respond to Instagram comments?

It is advisable to respond within a maximum of 48 hours. If that time has passed, simply “like” that Instagram photo comment.

Does replying to Instagram comments boost?

1. Instagram’s Algorithm: The way that Instagram works is that the more engagement you create, the higher the chance people have of seeing your posts. By responding to and liking your followers’ comments, you are increasing the post’s chance of being seen by others.

How do you respond to thank you on Instagram?

Ways to respond to ‘thank you,’ verbally

  1. 01“Anytime” This is a good response for someone with whom you are close, or have helped out in the past.
  2. 02“I’m always happy to help”
  3. 03“It’s nothing”
  4. 04“Not a problem”
  5. 05“No worries”
  6. 06“Sure”
  7. 07“Think nothing of it”
  8. 08“That’s okay”

How do you respond to a compliment on Instagram?

How to Respond to Compliments on Instagram or Facebook

  1. Say thanks: Replying with a simple “thank you!” is good enough for most online interactions, especially if you are getting lots of praise for a particular post.
  2. Use an emoji: Using an emoji is a great way to spice up a reply to a compliment.

How do you respond to positive feedback?

How to respond to positive reviews?

  1. Always personalize the response.
  2. Always thank the customer.
  3. Respond to specific points in their review.
  4. Don’t overstuff your response with keywords.
  5. Try and offer something of value in your response.
  6. Target the number of reviews you respond to.
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How do you respond to you’re too nice?

For example, in the context of an act of service or lending a favor, among older speakers it is common to answer “Thank you, [you’re too kind].” with ” You’re welcome.” Younger speakers may say “It’s nothing” or “No problem”. See also “My pleasure” or “anytime” as other valid responses.

How do you comment on a post?

How to Like and Make Comments on Facebook Posts

  1. Click Comment. The comment box expands. Frequently, this box is already expanded, in which case you can simply go on to Step 2.
  2. Click in the text box that appears.
  3. Type what you want to say.
  4. When you’re finished, press Enter.

How do you reply to a private post on Instagram?

At the time of this writing, there is no way to comment on someone’s Instagram post privately. Even if your profile is private, your comment on a person’s post will be visible to everyone who follows them. You can, however, send a person a direct message about a post.

Can you post photos in Instagram comments?

Now you can reply with a photo or video to specific photos, videos, and reshared posts in Direct. Your reply will automatically include a sticker of what you’re replying to. Just hit “reply” to open the camera, take a selfie, and send.

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