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How To See Likes On Instagram Again? (Perfect answer)

How do I view my likes on Instagram?

  • Tap Settings. It’s at the bottom of the menu. Tap Account. It’s toward the bottom of the menu. Scroll down and tap Posts You’ve Liked. It’s near the bottom of the menu. This displays the more recent 300 photos or videos you’ve Liked on Instagram, with the most recent Likes at the top of the list. Tap post to view it.

Why can I see likes on Instagram again?

In March, Instagram again removed the like count for some users. But this time, it was an accident caused by a bug. The removal of likes and reactions is also being tested on Facebook, according to the spokesperson. Like Instagram, Facebook began testing this in 2019.

How do you unhide likes on Instagram?

Step 1: While sharing a post, tap on Advanced settings in the bottom. Step 2: Toggle the switch next to Hide like and view couunts option to hide or unhide likes and views. Likes and views can be hidden or revealed even for posts that you have already shared. 4

How can I still see likes on Instagram?

It’s a valuable feature that can take you back to a post quickly.

  1. Select your Instagram profile from within the app.
  2. Select the menu icon and select Settings.
  3. Click “Account.”
  4. Scroll down until you see “Posts You’ve Liked,” then click it.

Will Instagram bring back likes?

Instagram has brought back the ability to see like counts on posts. The platform says it’s a way to give users more control. An expert says it’ll be good for some users and bad for others.

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How do you unhide likes on Instagram 2021?

To unhide likes and views on a post already shared by you, go to the Posts section in your profile and open the specific post. Tap the 3-dots at the top-right of the post and either select “Unhide like count” or “Unhide Like and View Counts”.

How do I unhide likes?

Tap (Android) or (iPhone) in the top right of your post. Tap Hide like counts or Hide like and view counts to turn this setting on. Tap Unhide Like Counts or Unhide like and view counts to turn this setting off. Keep in mind, these settings only hide like and view counts on posts in Feed.

Will Instagram remove likes 2021?

It’s important to note that the underlying metrics that power Instagram aren’t changing. “Likes” and data generated by “Like”-based activity aren’t going away, and users will still be able to view how many “Likes” their own posts are getting, even if they’ve hidden those numbers from others.

Why can’t I see my likes on Instagram 2021?

The changes come down to the fact that Instagram will no longer publicly display the number of likes generated by posts. This means that the exact number of likes given to any individual photo or video will only be known to the user who posted it.

Can anyone still see likes on Instagram?

Other users will be able to scroll through a list of people who liked your post, but won’t be able to see the actual number of likes. You can also hide likes from other users during the process of making a post.

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Can you not see likes on Instagram?

Select “Hide Like Count ” After hiding like counts beneath a post it will say “liked by one user and others.” This is your sign to hide likes on your Instagram.

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