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Where To Find Instagram Drafts? (Question)

After adding an effect, filter, caption or location to a photo, simply hit the back arrow at the top left of the screen to make the “Save Draft” or “Discard” screen appear. Once it’s saved, you can find your creation under the “Drafts” tab in “Library” by tapping the camera button at the bottom center.

Where do you find Instagram drafts?

  • Open Instagram and select the ‘+’ icon to add a post.
  • Select Gallery and you should see Drafts.
  • Select the draft you created and select Next.
  • Complete your post in the usual way and select Share when ready.

Where are my Instagram drafts?

How to Access Your Drafts on Instagram on iPhone/Android

  • Open “Instagram” on your phone.
  • Click on the “+” plus icon at the bottom on iPhone or the top on Android.
  • In your “Library” you’ll see “Recents,” which are photos and videos from your mobile phone. You’ll also see “Drafts.” Here you can find the saved photo.

Did Instagram remove drafts?

With this new update, Instagram will no longer prompt you to save the post as Draft. This change might be a gradual rollout and you may notice this change if you are having the new “Add” Interface. Drafting Posts was an easy and convenient way to have them ready prior to the posting time.

Why can’t I find my drafts on Instagram?

To find your Instagram drafts, do this: Open Instagram and select the ‘+’ icon to add a post. Tap on Post. You should now see Drafts from the menu, tap on it.

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Where did my reels draft go?

To see the drafts on your Instagram reels, first, you have to open the Instagram app and then tap on the profile tab of yours at the bottom side, and now you have to tap the Reels tab. Inside the Reels tab, you will see the Drafts box which will show you all the draft videos you have saved on Instagram.

How long do Instagram drafts last?

Story drafts will save for seven days before disappearing.” So, another way to manage your Stories creation flow, and post at optimal times to maximize engagement. It may not be a massive shift, but it could be a highly relevant one for Instagram managers looking to make best use of the app.

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