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Why Does My Instagram Say I Have A Message? (Best solution)

Your direct message data might be cached by Instagram. This means that messages that you have read might be still listed as unread. In order to fix this, you need to clear Instagram’s cache. Before clearing the Instagram cache, make sure to force close the app on your device first.

How do you send a text message on Instagram?

  • Using Instagram Direct Open the Instagram app. Tap the paper plane icon. Tap New Message. Tap a person whom you wish to message. Tap the “Write a message” field. Type in a message. Tap Send.

Why does my Instagram show I have a message when I don t?

There are many parts that you might see Instagram notifications (like Instagram direct messages, IGTV). If Instagram says you have a message, but you don’t, fix the issue as follow: Check the unread messages in general messages, requested messages, and direct messages. Uninstall, and install the Instagram again.

Why does Instagram say I have a message from myself?

It (means) happens only when u mention yourself in ig-stories, either you never recieves pesonal messages like “hello, hi, how r u,or etc”. From own profile on instagram.

How do you see hidden messages on Instagram 2020?

The good news is that these hidden messages are easy to find.

  1. To see if you have any hidden Instagram messages, tap the inbox icon at the top right of the app.
  2. If you have any hidden messages, a little blue bar will appear at the top of your inbox saying you have “message requests.”

Does Instagram have a hidden message?

Unfortunately, regular Instagram users don’t have the option to hide messages in their inbox. However, you can long-press on a message thread to delete them or mute the thread, so you won’t receive notifications.

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Why is there a red dot on my Instagram?

A red dot under your profile photo in the lower-right corner of the screen means you have a notification relating directly to your profile.

How do you unread a message on Instagram?

Step 1) Open your inbox, and tap on the selecting icon on the top right corner of the screen. Step 2) Select the conversations you want to mark as unread. Then, tap on More. Step 3) Finally, tap on “Mark as Unread ”.

Why do I get messages from myself?

If you use an Android smartphone, this happens when there is difficulty establishing a good connection between your phone and your network carrier. In a bid to deliver the message, several attempts are made, and in the process, you receive that same message you just sent to another person.

Can anyone who is not my follower direct message me on Instagram if I have a private account?

As long as your profile is Public, anyone can send you messages. They don’t need your approval to do it. If you find this annoying, there’s an excellent solution. With a Private profile, only your followers can message you directly and you need to approve followers.

Can you DM yourself?

In an email program, you can always send a message to your own email address but Twitter’s web site would only allow you send DMs to your followers – you cannot send direct messages to yourself.

Why are my Instagram direct messages not showing up 2021?

If you cannot see the messages, or Instagram DM is not working it can be due to Instagram newest update. To see if the direct message problem is due to the device or it’s a software-related issue, try logging into Instagram account using another device or web-based Instagram (a.k.a. webstagram).

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Where are my messages on Instagram?

Log into your account. Click on the Messages icon (paper airplane icon in the upper-right corner). Scroll through the conversations featured in the left pane. Click on a message to open it in the right pane.

Can you disable messages on Instagram?

To disable DMs (direct messages) on Instagram, go to your settings, tap on “Privacy”, navigate to messages, tap on “Others on Instagram”, and select “Don’t receive requests”. Instead, turn off your message requests by modifying them in your privacy settings.

Do private messages on Instagram disappear?

An amazing Instagram feature is disappearing messages. Disappearing messages are messages that include photos or videoes. As we can understand from its name, it disappears after a while. Actually, when these messages disappear, they are just expired and you can not open the image or video anymore.

Can I see messages from someone who blocked me on Instagram?

If you choose to stay in the group, you’ll be able to see messages from the person you blocked in the group. If the person you blocked sends you any messages in Direct, you won’t receive those messages, and they won’t be delivered later if you unblock them.

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