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How To Change Font On Instagram Story? (Solved)

Introducing the New Instagram Stories Fonts To access the new fonts, all you need to do is open the Instagram Stories editor and tap the font icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

How do you get different fonts on Instagram?

Changing the font on your Instagram posts is straightforward:

  1. Choose a text generator website or app and enter the text you’d like to use on your post.
  2. Browse through the different fonts and pick the one you desire.
  3. Open the Instagram app and start drafting a new post.
  4. Paste your text in the description box.

How do you add custom fonts to Instagram stories?

To use this app:

  1. Open the app and upload the photo you want to post to you story.
  2. Tap the “add text” option that will appear over the photo and type your desired text.
  3. Choose your font, text color, and add a background to your text.
  4. Save your photo, open the Instagram app, and post to your story.

What are the fonts on Instagram stories?

What fonts does Instagram use for Stories and Reels? The fonts that Instagram uses for Stories and Reels are Aveny-T for ‘Modern,’ Cosmopolitan for ‘Neon,” San Francisco Italic Bold (iOS) and Roboto Black Italic (Android) for ‘Bold,’ and Courier Bold for ‘Typewriter.

How do you get the secret font on Instagram?

How to use “secret” font on Instagram Stories?

  1. Open Instagram Stories, make your video or photo as usual and then click “Aa” to write a text in Story;
  2. Select the most rounded “Aa” typography – the sixth option from left to right;
  3. Type “Papyrus” (without quotes), as soon as you finish writing a new font will appear;
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How do you do ombre text on Instagram stories?

How To Do a Rainbow / Ombre Text Effect on Insta Story?

  1. Write your text.
  2. Select All text.
  3. Hold your right thumb on the purple color.
  4. Hold your left thumb on the text cursor.
  5. Slide both fingers at the same time to the left.
  6. Your letters will change colors.

How do you get cool text on Instagram stories?

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your internet browser is open in a tab.
  2. Open the Instagram app, go to Stories.
  3. Select (but not upload) the photo to share.
  4. Go to your browser and open a website called
  5. Select the “Fancy Text” option and type your text.
  6. Scroll down to select one.

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