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How To Put Location On Instagram Story? (Best solution)

Either take a photo or video or select one from your device’s library that you want to post to your Story.

  1. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, tap the icon that looks like a smiling face inside a Post-It note to reveal a list of options.
  2. Tap “Location.”

Why can’t I add location on Instagram story?

Make Sure Your Location Settings Are Turned On Because the location story relies on your current whereabouts to automatically populate a location (you can also search for and tag locations you aren’t currently in), it’s important that your location services are enabled for Instagram.

How do you add a location pin on Instagram?

Using the menu on the bottom of the screen, tap the profile icon, which resembles a person.

  1. Under your account’s bio information, select “Edit Profile.”
  2. Under “Public Business Information,” select “Contact Options.”
  3. Next, select the “Business Address” text box to add a location.

How do you manually add a location on Instagram?

How do I add or edit the location of an existing Instagram post?

  1. Above your photo or video, tap (iPhone) or (Android).
  2. Tap Edit.
  3. Tap Add Location and enter the location.
  4. Tap Done (iPhone) or (Android).

How do I add a location to my reel?

Tag people and location on your video Reel At the moment, you can only tag people and location in your Reel video after you post it on Instagram. To tag people and location on your Instagram Reel video: Post your video Reel. Press on the three dots “ …” on top of your Reel post.

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How do you create a location on Instagram 2021?

Add a custom Instagram location

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Tap ‘Check In’ at the top of your Facebook feed.
  3. Enter the name of the location you’re trying to add – ensuring to use capitals.
  4. Tap “Add <new location>…”
  5. Choose a relevant category for your location.
  6. Tap Create.
  7. Post your check-in to Facebook.

How do I add a business location on Instagram?

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Once you’re done uploading and editing your post, click on the Add Location field which sits under the Tag People field.
  2. Tap the Add Location button.
  3. Select one of the existing locations (these are based on your phones GPS) or search for the location that you’re looking to tag.

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