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How To Remove Category On Instagram? (Perfect answer)

You also have the option to display or hide your business category and contact information on your profile. To do this, go to Profile Display under Public Business Information to choose whether you want to hide or display your category label and contact info.

How do you change your Instagram category to normal?

Now go to your profile and tap on Menu in the upper right corner. Then tap on Settings and then Tap on Account. Tap on Switch to Personal Account. Finally, tap on Switch Back to confirm.

What happens when you switch to professional account on Instagram?

Professional Instagram accounts will give you more call to action buttons and space to provide contact details and your business address, which will ultimately increase your customers’ ability to get in touch. You will now be able to connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram account.

How do you change your account type on Instagram?

How to Change Instagram from Business to Personal (Step by Step!)

  1. Open the Instagram App.
  2. Go to your Instagram Business Profile.
  3. Tap the menu button in the upper right corner of your Instagram profile.
  4. Tap Settings.
  5. Select Account from the menu.
  6. Scroll down to “Switch Account Type”
  7. Choose “Switch to Personal Account”

How do I delete my business account?

Before you delete a business group, you need to transfer ownership for all locations or delete the Business Profiles for each location from the account.

  1. Sign in to manage your Business Profile.
  2. In the top left, choose the business group you want to delete.
  3. Click Group settings.
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Can you switch back from professional account?

If you’ve converted your personal Instagram profile to a business account, you can switch it back at any time. Go to your profile and tap in the upper right corner. Tap Switch Account Type.

Why can’t I switch back to professional account?

Make sure your profile is set to Public! If your profile is currently set to Private on Instagram, you won’t be able to switch to a business profile. Tap “Continue As” to connect the Facebook Page. If you don’t see your business’ Facebook Page as an option, make sure that you’re listed as an admin in the settings menu.

What does switching to professional account do?

Switching to an Instagram business account gives you the ability to access built-in insights about your account and its performance. You’re able to take a look at your post performance, follower activity and audience insights.

How do you choose a category on Instagram?

If you tap to Edit Profile, you’ll find “Category” under “Public Business Information.” There, you can choose a new category. If you don’t see one that fits under the suggested categories, start typing to search for a category that matches your business.

How do I turn off likes on Instagram?

How to hide likes on Instagram

  1. Select the three black lines to begin the process of hiding likes on your feed.
  2. Tap “Settings” to hide likes on your feed.
  3. Select “Posts” to hide the likes on your feed.
  4. Turn on “Hide Like and View Counts” Credit: screenshot: instagram.

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