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How To Search Instagram? (TOP 5 Tips)

To search on Instagram:

  1. Tap at the bottom to go to Search & Explore.
  2. Tap Search in the search bar at the top, then type what or who you want to search for.
  3. Tap Search in the bottom right.
  4. Tap Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, or Places below the search bar to filter your results.

Can you search text on Instagram?

On your computer, you can access this option by clicking your profile picture icon at the top-right corner on Instagram’s website. To look up a specific Instagram message, simply execute the search command ( Ctrl+F on Windows, Cmd+F on Mac, and the search option on your phone’s file manager), then type in your keyword.

How do you search for keywords on Instagram?

Instagram: How to Search for Posts Using Keywords

  1. Step 1: Tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. Step 3: Type the keyword you wish to search for.
  4. Step 4: Tap the desired keyword in the search results that appear.

How do you search a user on Instagram?

At the bottom of your screen, there are five different icons, with one that looks like a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass icon is used for Instagram search, where you can search Instagram users, hashtags and popular posts. Click on it and you will see Instagram search bar at the top of your screen.

Can I search Instagram without an account?

Yes, you can search Instagram without an account by searching for someone’s Instagram link on a browser. To begin with, search for someone’s Instagram link on your browser (e.g. Once you’re on their profile, you can use Instagram’s search bar to search for other people.

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Where is search and explore on Instagram?

Let’s first understand what you can search and explore on Instagram. Tap the magnifying glass icon to go to the Search and Explore tab.

How do Instagram search suggestions work?

When you perform a search in Instagram, the app tries to help by offering suggested searches. These suggestions are based on the accounts you already follow, other recent searches you’ve made, and topics Instagram thinks you’re interested in. If you prefer, you can clear these suggestions.

Can you search Instagram by picture?

You can drag and drop an image directly into the search field if you’re on a desktop/laptop computer, or upload an image from your mobile device. There is also an option to reverse image search using the image’s URL.

Can someone tell if you search for them on Instagram?

Nobody can see when or how often you look at their Instagram page or photos. The bad news? People can see who views their Instagram stories and videos. So, if you’re hoping to stay incognito, don’t watch someone’s Instagram stories or posted videos (any video they post to their page, including Boomerangs).

What is searchable in Instagram?

Search is built to help you find accounts and topics of interest. It’s different from Feed, Stories, Reels and Explore because your input helps us figure out what to show you. Your search tells us what you’re looking for, and it’s noticeable when the results aren’t useful.

How can I look at Instagram without logging in?

Do NOT log in or sign up. Instead, you can go to any user’s profile by typing in the user name after the Instagram web address. See the U.S. Surgeon General IG profile below as an example. From there, you can access the search bar just as you would had you been logged in.

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Is Instagram a search engine?

As we mentioned before, Instagram is its own self-contained search engine. In order to show up for the correct terms in the search bar, you need to work within the app itself to land that coveted top-of-search positioning. To start, you’ll need to pinpoint your primary keyword.

How can I find someone’s social media accounts?

How to find someone’s social media accounts

  1. Google Image Search. A Google search for the person’s name is a good start, but an image search can be faster.
  2. PeekYou. You can also turn to a people search site like PeekYou.
  3. Username. Something not many people think about is that they use the same username for every account.

Can you search Instagram users by location?

The most basic way to search by Location on Instagram is to use the usual search feature. In the Instagram app, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. That will bring up the search console. So if you only want the results from the actual location field, you can click on the “Places” tab. 4

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