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How To Track Instagram Followers? (Question)

  1. Follower Analyzer (Instagram)
  2. Followers Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram (WowMaking)
  3. Followers for Instagram!
  4. Followers Insights for Instagram (MonoMosaic)
  5. FollowMeter for Instagram (BeakerApps)
  6. Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram Fake I.G.
  7. Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram (Mobile X)

How do I track my followers and Unfollowers on Instagram?

To find out who unfollowed you, click on the first tab at the bottom left corner. Now, click on ‘Unfollowers’. You can also find out who does not follow you by clicking on ‘Not following you back’. To find out people that follow you, but whom you do not follow back, click on ‘You are not following back’.

How do you know whos not following you back on Instagram?

First, the Instagram app doesn’t tell you which accounts don’t follow you back. Instead, the app shows you the top 50 accounts you’ve most and least interacted with. Here are 4 apps you can use to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram

  1. Sharemyinsights.
  2. XProfile app.
  3. Followers & Unfollowers app.
  4. nFollowers app.

Does Instagram have a tracker?

On Android, navigate to Settings, then tap on Apps and find Instagram. Here you can see whether you’ve given it permission to access your location, microphone, device storage, contacts, and more. Here you can choose whether location tracking is on all the time, when you’re using the app, or off completely.

How can I track my lost followers on Instagram?

Instagram, like most social media apps, does not tell you details about who has unfollowed you. You can install a free app like FollowMeter on your iPhone or Android to automatically learn who follows and unfollows you.

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Is there a way to see everyone you’ve ever followed on Instagram?

First, tap on your Profile and then go to the Menu. Next tap on Settings and then choose Security. Halfway down the page is a section called Access Data – tap that. You’ll be able to see all of the info Instagram holds on you, split into different sections.

How do you see who someone followed on Instagram recently?

Ultimately, there’s no way on Instagram to see who someone has followed most recently. Each account you see on their “following” list could be someone they started following last week or last year.

How do you compare followers and following on Instagram?

To calculate your follower to following ratio, divide the number of accounts that follow you by the number of accounts you follow. For example, if you have 10,000 followers and follow 1,000 accounts, your follow ratio is 10 (or 10:1, if you want to use a true ratio).

What is the spy app for Instagram?

mSpy Instagram Activity Tracker Moreover, mSpy works for both Android and iOS systems without any problems. With mSpy, you can monitor calls and texts and access photos, videos, GPS tracking, social media, and browsing history.

Does Instagram check DMS?

“Call and text history logging is part of an opt-in feature for people using Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android. Instagram doesn’t read your texts.

How do you track activity on Instagram?

Snoopreport service is the only service that lets you track someone’s activity on Instagram. The Instagram app doesn’t have a Following Tab anymore where you could check the actions of users you follow: posts and comments they liked, the new users they followed, comments they left.

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What is the best app to track Unfollowers on Instagram?

Some of the best reviewed apps we’ve seen include:

  • Follower Tracker (Android)
  • iMetric (Android)
  • Unfollowers & Followers Track (iOS)
  • InstaFollowers (iOS)
  • Reports: Followers Tracker (iOS)
  • Followmeter for Instagram (Android & iOS)

Is FollowMeter safe?

FollowMeter for Instagram is a very basic social media analytics app. This app can be found in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. It is rated for users of all ages and features both in-app purchases and advertisements. This app is safe for kids but best suited for older, mature, teens.

What is iMetric?

Fast and accurate analytics for Instagram with followstat and unfollowers report. Together with iMetric, you get cleaner for Instagram and can unfollow who do not follow back or unfollow everyone at once.

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