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What Is Kevin Durant’s Instagram? (Solution)

Kevin Durant (@kd35ground) on Instagram • 3,551 photos and videos.

Does Kevin Durant have social media?

Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) / Twitter.

What is Kevin Durant’s instagram or twitter handle?

Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) / Twitter.

Does Kawhi Leonard have IG?

Kawhi Leonard (@kawhielite) • Instagram photos and videos.

What did Durant say on social media?

Durant seemingly confessed to the messages on Twitter: “Me and mike talk CRAZIER than this on the regular and today he’s pissed … My bad mike, damn!!” Rapaport replied: “ No we don’t p****. Don’t ever threaten me or speak on my wife p****.”

Who is KDS wife?

Does Kevin Durant have a wife and kids? Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has previously been engaged but he isn’t currently, nor has ever been, married. Durant’s fiancee was Monica Wright, a point guard in the WNBA and she has spoken openly about why she never ended up becoming his wife.

Who is Kevin Durant’s father?

OAKLAND, CA – JULY 07: Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors stands with his father Wayne Pratt during the press conference where Durant was introduced as a member of the Golden State Warriors.

What is KD height?

There’s a myth about the world’s greatest scorer — a shooter so accurate, he’s known online as @easymoneysniper — and we can shatter it right here from Phoenix. Kevin Durant isn’t some jerk who only uses his social-media accounts to argue with analysts and beef with bloggers.

Who runs NBA Instagram?

Kevin Systrom (@kevin) • Instagram photos and videos.

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Does kawhi have social media?

Still, while he might not be all over social media, it’s not like he’s totally off the grid. Kawhi does have and use a cellphone. Though, it’s not like he’s never posted anything on social media. He does have three tweets and one retweet.

Does Kawhi Leonard have a social media account?

In an era when many high-profile athletes try to raise their profile through social media, Kawhi Leonard has been able to tune out all of the extra noise. ” Not having social media,” Green said.

Where is Kawhi Leonard’s house?

Kawhi Leonard has purchased a new home in Los Angeles, and it’s a huge one. Leonard already owns a $6.7 million penthouse at the Ritz Carlton next to Staples Center, a $13.3 million home in San Diego, and now has a $17 million home in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles.

What did KD say to get fined?

Kevin Durant was fined $50,000 by the NBA on Friday for his offensive and derogatory language in social media messages to actor Michael Rapaport. Rapaport released images of the private messages Tuesday on his Twitter account, and they included homophobic and misogynistic language from the Brooklyn Nets star.

What did KD Tweet?

It’s hard to imagine an NBA superstar today tweeting “Scarlett johanneson I will drink ur bath water,” as KD did in 2011. During the early phase of Durant’s career, he put up one Hall-of-Fame worthy tweet after another.

What happened between KD and Rapaport?

Actor Michael Rapaport posted screenshots Tuesday of a conversation between himself and Kevin Durant, in which the Brooklyn Nets star used homophobic, misogynistic and profane language toward the actor: (Warning: images contain homophobic, misogynistic and profane language.)

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