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Who Has The Most Instagram Followers 2021? (Best solution)

Instagram accounts with the most followers worldwide as of July 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of followers in millions
virat.kohli 137.08
kourtneykardash 133.17
katyperry 127.75
kevinhart4real 115.94

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Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021 Top 10?

The 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram In 2021

  • Kim Kardashian: 211 million followers.
  • Selena Gomez: 218 million followers.
  • Kylie Jenner: 222 million followers.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 225 million followers.
  • Ariana Grande: 228 million followers.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 272 million followers.

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2021 Top 50?

As of November 2021, the most-followed individual is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 368 million followers, and the most-followed female is American reality television star Kylie Jenner with over 282 million followers.

Who Has No 1 followers in Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo (366m followers) We now reach our most followed human on Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo. Forward for Juventus and the captain for the national Portuguese team, he’s one of the best footballers the world has known – and his following is not slowing. When it comes to his feed, there are few surprises.

Who is most followed on TikTok?

Who are some of the top most followed people on TikTok?

  • Charli D’Amelio – 120.1 million followers.
  • Khaby Lame – 90.2 million followers.
  • Addison Rae – 81.9 million followers.
  • Zach King – 62.4 million.

Who has the most followers on Instagram Top 100 2021?

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

  1. CRISTIANO RONALDO: 206.9 million followers.
  2. ARIANA GRANDE: 177.2 million followers.
  3. THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson): 174.4 million followers.
  4. SELENA GOMEZ: 170.4 million followers.
  5. KYLIE JENNER: 165.5 million followers.
  6. KIM KARDASHIAN: 162.4 million followers.
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Who created Instagram?

Kevin Systrom (Co-founder) Kevin Systrom (@kevin) co-founded Instagram and served as CEO for 8 years before leaving the company in September 2018 to pursue his next passion project.

Who has the most followers on Facebook 2021?

The most-followed person is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 150 million followers as of October 2021.

Who has the most likes on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most-liked post by an individual on Instagram, with over 32 million likes.

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